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The Valley of Fear

The Valley of FearSir Arthur Conan Doyle is truly a gifted wordsmith and has never failed to publish books which capture the interests and attention of his readers.  First published in Strand Magazine between September of 1914 and May of 1915, The Valley of Fear is the fourth and also the final installment under Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novels.  The first book was published in the year 1915 in New York.

The book consists of two parts.  The first part is given the title “The Tragedy of Birlstone” and second part is entitled “The Scowrers.”
The Tragedy of Brilstone is all about Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson receiving a letter from a person using the pseudonym Fred Porlock who happens to be a part of Professor Moriarty’s (Holmes’ mortal enemy) criminal organization.  The letter came in a code and, after deciphering what the letter meant, warned that a character named John Douglas of the Birlstone House is about to get murdered.

The Scowrers story begins on the date February 4, 1875 and is set on a train which is approaching Vermissa Valley.  The character involves a younger John Douglas.  This second part of the book is introduced at the end of the first part.

Just like any other Sherlock Holmes novel, this book has been one of those which garnered the most reviews since it is the final installment of the series.  The book has been rated 3.85 stars out of 5 in a certain website and that is a pretty good rating.  Those who have been pleased would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Contrary to the positive reviews, some readers did not like the story too much as it appeared to resemble The Scarlet Thread.  The reason why they came into possession of the book is because it is a Sherlock Holmes novel and they believed that Holmes should have been given more exposure in the second part.

Nevertheless, The Valley of Fear is a good read which turns every detail around and gives readers an unexpected turn of events.
For Kindle users, the E-book version is available and can be bought from Amazon at a price of $2.99.

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